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The Black Douglas Sterling and Dirtsack Easyrider

For riders who appreciate the simplicity and style of a classic motorcycle, but who don’t want the headache of maintaining an ancient machine, the Sterling Autocycle from The Black Douglas Motorcycle Co. is an ideal choice.

A Sterling takes 200 hours of precision craftsmanship to build, with 98% of its components being hand-made. Each motorcycle is customised to the specifications of its rider and combines the classic flat-tank look with modern technology.

The Black Douglas Sterling is available from Haywards of Cambridge, who also sell the Dirtsack Easyrider canvas saddlebags. As you can see from the photographs, the Easyrider bags are the perfect accompaniment to the classic styling of the bike, with 44 litres of top-loading capacity, six external pockets, hand-stitched oiled grain leather and 24oz canvas.



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